“To break class barriers, students must end up in unexpected places” –

says the Vice-chancellor of Middlesex University in this thought-provoking article.

“Universities pay lip service to equality, yet the system functions as a huge social filter. Real fairness will take a radical rethink.”

There is little sign the rethink is going to happen fast. Meanwhile we need not just

(Higher) Education

(Higher) Education

(Higher) Education but


…………… Mettletest

………………….. Mettletest

to promote true quality from any academic institution or background. We are working with graduate employers to help achieve the diversity and inclusion mandates they aspire to.

We act as an “extra university” for capturing all the best candidates – Many graduate recruiters are forced to prioritise half-a-dozen top universities to manage the volume of applications but risk missing outside talent from other institutions or even non-graduate job-holders. Mettletest opens up a manageable wider talent pool, with greater fairness and diversity.

More from Professor Blackman:

“the measure of a successful institution should not be how many students it rejects – we should look at how many lives it transforms with expert teaching…….Social mobility is not about lack of aspiration in low-income and ethnic minority families, whose young people disproportionately study in less selective, more diverse institutions. But these are often the institutions where they feel the most comfortable. They are institutions that could benefit from adding more privileged and confident students to their diversity. All students, in all institutions, would feel the positive effects of less socially distorted intakes, of student communities that aew more representative of the world around them. The challenge is not access but diversity.”