Mettletest – How it works

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  1. Mettletest candidates create a portfolio of predictions on significant current events to display their analytical and decision making skillsCandidate Predictions & expert answers
  1. Brief written answers are matched against real-world outcomes and used first as a selection filter and then for insightful discussion at interview


  1. Questions and expert answers are supplied by titans from a range of fields – economists, diplomats, government advisers, captains of business, science and culture


  1. A question is posed approximately once a fortnight. Research resources are supplied, so candidates may focus on presenting key factors and taking a definite view


  1. Portfolio statistics show the percentage of questions answered (commitment), scores (success) and confidence levels (risk appetite


Mettletest scores


  1. Mettletest is both a learning medium to build confidence and an assessment tool that allows the best to stand out and achieve strong career progression


  1. Employers and recruiters use Mettletest to see the rounded person and to understand their attitude and suitability, improving success rates


Mettletest sets a long-term challenge by posing a series of stimulating questions to predict the outcome of global events. A question is set approximately once every two weeks. The intended duration is one year, creating a portfolio of up to twenty-six answers.

 1. A star questioner / the Mettletest panel poses a predictive question from one of three streams:

a)      Politics and Current Affairs

b)      Business, Finance and Economics

c)       Science, Technology and Culture

Each question has a strict deadline for response. Subscribers are expected to answer all questions from all streams.

2. Subscribers give a yes / no answer to the question. They also express a level of confidence in their answer on a scale from 0 – 100 (0 being no confidence, 100 being full confidence). They write a justification for their answer in no more than 200 words. They must do this by the deadline or they lose the opportunity to answer that question.

3. Star questioners give their own answers to the question, immediately after the deadline for subscribers. One of them will also add a final comment on the eventual outcome.

4. A new question is posed to be answered roughly a fortnight after the last. There may be up to 26 questions to answer in a year. The process for this and subsequent questions will follow that of 1, 2 and 3 above.

5. When the outcome of the event in question is revealed, a score between -100 and 100 will be ascribed to each subscriber, based on the yes / no response and the confidence level. A correct answer, with a confidence level of 100, will score 100 points; an incorrect answer with a confidence level of 100 will lose 100 points. If the subscriber expresses a confidence level of 50 they can only gain or lose 50 points, a confidence level of 30 gives + /- 30 points and so on.

6. Scores will be calculated as the average score of all the questions they have answered. Once a subscriber has received scores for three answers, they gain the opportunity to join a published leader board showing the top contenders in the rankings, by username.

7. In addition, the percentage of questions answered will be logged, as will scores for each stream of questions separately.


 All the answers will be compiled in a portfolio, predominated by the written justifications. This portfolio report will grow as each new question is answered and the latest version will be available with its own unique url to present to prospective employers. It will also be possible to download or print a pdf version for delivering by email or hard copy.

A portfolio will display:

  • An explanation of Mettletest
  • Guidance for employers on using the portfolio
  • The subscriber’s profile (anonymously, under username only, until access granted)
  • The percentage of questions answered
  • The question title for each question & the stream it’s from
  • The setter name (or panel)
  • The subscriber’s yes /no & confidence level
  • The subscriber’s 200 word justification
  • Answers from the experts – yes / no and justifications from three star questioners
  • A button to add a username to a “watch list” (for employers)
  • A request for contact button (for employers). Subscribers may choose whether to grant access to their real name , case by case.
  • Post outcome The score for that question
  • Expert comment on the outcome
  • Subscriber’s overall score & the mean for all subscribers
  • Score in each stream
  • Total numbers of right & wrong answers (without scoring)
  • Average ‘Confidence Level’ overall & for each stream

Click here to see an example portfolio report.