The IFS produced a new paper

‘How English-domiciled graduate earnings vary with gender, institution attended, subject and socio-economic background’.

Mettletest M dark background

For us it reinforces our message and our mission to provide those important extra credentials using Mettletest to show your merit whatever your background or academic institution……..

If the university you selected is not up to scratch or the course you chose is not valued by employers, you can still demonstrate your good sense and usefulness by submitting a Mettletest portfolio. In fact, however good your degree, you still want Mettletest to help beat off the competition and make you stand out.

IFS_logoThere has been widespread reporting on the IFS research which links earnings to background, university and course. It is interesting to see which elements the different parts of the media have focused on.

Worthless degrees: graduates earn less than school-leavers – The Times.

“Men who studied at any of 23 of the lowest-performing British universities went on to earn less than those who did not enter further education”.


Whereas the BBC chose to take the line “Wealthy students keep getting richer”.

“Graduates from wealthy families “earn significantly more” in their careers than less well-off counterparts, even if they study the same course at the same university”.


Fraser Nelson wrote this punchy piece in The Telegraph – Too many universities teach pointless degrees that offer nothing to their students or society

“……today, all too many ropey institutions hide behind the word “university” – offering dismal courses that serve neither students nor society. And by the time the students realise that they’ve been sold a pup, it’s too late.”