Companies represented here may be using Mettletest for graduate assessment or talent development or because they boast a “Star Questioner” in their senior ranks. We also provide information on partners who provide useful services to graduate level job-seekers and subscribers generally.

Candidates – Your Mettletest portfolio is your own asset. Use it with any application to any company.

We have no formal agreements with companies to use Mettletest for recruitment, though we may implement these in the future. A Mettletest portfolio  may be submitted to any potential or existing employer to demonstrate your talent and distinction.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate their true potential. Mettletest is constantly liaising and working with new companies, to create awareness.

Please note that you should only send applications to prospective employers when invited to do so. Many firms will have specific periods for graduate-level recruitment or have very definite requirements for particular roles. They should make you aware when they are seeking candidates with your profile, either on their website or through Mettletest, or both.

Unsolicited applications could lead to rejection at the time and in the future.

Subscribers should follow an employer’s application processes and indicate that they are engaged in Mettletest, with the link to their portfolio.

A subscriber’s portfolio may be presented to any company, whether listed here or not, as evidence of commitment and ability.








The Royal Bank of Scotland


Ryley Wealth Management


The List


Karroo Capital


PMHK Partners


Ward Thomas