“Love or money? High tuition fees lead students to vocational degrees”


“Fear of debt and competition for jobs have led more university students to apply for courses such as business studies, rather than following their passion”

You can read Lucy’s article here.

It is still something of a debate, whether “traditional” academic courses are a high risk option for employment, considering the cost of a degree. I have heard recently of a graduate with an English degree winning selection for a marketing role over those with a marketing degree because her subject was considered more rigorous. You never know all the factors in the decision though. They must have admired her competencies overall. In Lucy Tobin’s article, you can see opinions are divided among the students interviewed.

The advice that shines through is the importance of adding extra credentials to show resourcefulness and drive, whether your degree subject is a passion or just a means to an end. I hear this a lot from employers. Many like to know that candidates have developed more than just academic success in their time at university.