Great Leaders Have Vision

Vision requires breadth of knowledge and understanding. Build your core of great leaders with Mettletest.

The Mettletest forecasting challenge fosters important business and leadership skills. It enables businesses to identify, develop and evaluate successful decision makers who understand complex real-world issues.

Complement your man management training with strategic thinking and predictive acumen.

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The best managers in the world are useless without a business to manage. Leaders need vision for a compelling image of an achievable future. 

Mettletest nurtures your critical thinkers, creates new purpose and turns good managers into strategic leaders.

Forecasting abilities improve with practice and breadth of knowledge.

Mettletest is for your Leadership & Development Scheme – The easiest to implement, most comprehensible and most popular aspect of talent development for your top stream

Use Mettletest to

  1. Align business aspirations with your talent development. Promote results over process.
  2. Enhance decision making and strategic thinking in a global context
  3. Evaluate key competencies
  4. Foster accountability
  5. Improve communication between managers and employees
  6. Create team spirit
  7. Make insightful assessments to identify the highest potential and inform promotion decisions
  8. Harness the right strengths in the age of Artificial Intelligence

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Portfolio of predictions

Mettletest portfolio, graduate & student talent development