Will the USA impose any new sanctions or tariffs on China before the end of October 2017?

Outcome: NO

Our experts were right and we have as yet seen no new action from Trump on tariffs for China. There remains the possibility for the future. The Trump initiated investigation of Chinese efforts to steal intellectual property of U.S. firms.proceeds. Various groups, including solar manufacturers and producers of hardwood, are lobbying to get the president to match his pre-election rhetoric with action to curtail Chinese imports. Nevertheless, ahead of Trump’s Asian visit this November, a trade war has been avoided.

A few commentators are sceptical that the peace will last.

Ana Swanson describes the pressure from solar panel producers for the New York Times “”To Protect U.S. Solar Manufacturing, Trade Body Recommends Limits on imports”

& James Nolt thinks the media are underestimating the risks of a Possible U.S.-China trade war –

Jen Skerritt tells us to  Add Hardwood to the Growing List of U.S.-China Trade Grievances” 






….That’s all after the big deals, steel and intellectual property. The next few weeks could be telling.