Diesel car sales in the UK have fallen so far this year compared to last and their market share is retreating from near the 50% level. Our question this time is:

Will the UK market share of diesel cars fall below 40% of new registrations for May 2017 (as calculated by the SMMT)?

Here are some ready resources to inform your judgement:

SMMT Statistics

BBC “Motorists shun diesel cars”

Auto Express – “Diesel ban? Clean Air Zone …”

Forecourt Trader – Brokers predict sales of diesel cars will decline

Climate Action – what’s happening abroad

I have long had the belief that the key behavioral difference that could reverse climate change damage is the unwillingness of people to go on polluting their own environment. The growing distaste with diesels is a symptom of that. We’ll see the use of internal combustion engines for normal driving become as socially unacceptable as smoking in a room with a baby. See this view of the future from Stanford economist Tony Seba, reported by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

Is this vision right? Is the impact coming so fast that the UK diesel car market share is already falling below 40%, or is this wishful thinking from the coughing urban classes?

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