PMHK Partners



Company Profile:

PMHK Partners is an advisory firm working with clients in the financial services sector in the UK, helping their businesses grow in a cost and time efficient manner. These skills are especially relevant to:

• Local or inbound trading companies that need infrastructure and access to global exchanges
• Inbound single manager hedge funds, private equity funds, or fund of hedge funds
• Wealth management companies or investment managers
• Securities and derivative brokerage firms

PMHK Partners has been running since the start of the current market dislocation when we became aware of the need to have a firm that was happy to speak and act on behalf of people starting their own financial service firms whether they are tunnelling out of the banks or coming from overseas to start in the U K.

The main partners are the point of contact for several ad-hoc advisors who we have worked with on a multitude of projects and were always happy to have a provisional meeting to discuss your needs and find the appropriate way forward for us to help you.

We have relationships in place with all the major Prime brokerage and clearing entities and can advise on how best to start a FSA regulated entity here, liaise with major property firms to find you the best space ,we can advise on Pre IPO selection, Capital projects and private equity introductions .