The US – Mexico border wall

22 January 2019

Will Trump back down on his demand to Congress for $5.7 billion to build his wall?  As the Federal Government shutdown enters its second month, will the President "cave" and allow the Government to re-open without securing all the money for the wall on the Mexican… [+]

Inaction on tariffs for China… far

1 November 2017

Will the USA impose any new sanctions or tariffs on China before the end of October 2017? Outcome: NO Our experts were right and we have as yet seen no new action from Trump on tariffs for China. There remains the possibility for the future. The Trump initiated… [+]

Expert views on China Sanctions – USA relations

6 September 2017

We have passed the deadline for Will the USA impose any new sanctions or tariffs on China before the end of October 2017? You can now read what our experts, Sir Jeremy Greenstock and Derek Wyatt had to say on the subject. There is a clear NO answer. Does this… [+]

China USA trade relations – question topic

1 September 2017

Will the USA impose any new sanctions or tariffs on China before the end of October 2017? Deadline: Tue, 05 Sep 2017 Join us to tackle our latest question topic and start building your portfolio to demonstrate your outstanding career credentials. Resources for… [+]

Diesel Car Sales – Market share below 40%?

15 May 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Diesel car sales in the UK have fallen so far this year compared to last and their market share is retreating from near the 50% level. Our question this time is: Will the UK market share of diesel cars fall below 40% of new registrations… [+]

French Presidential Election 2017

18 April 2017

Our main question this week is: Will Marine Le Pen win the 2017 French Presidential Election?  There are many column inches being written to help you finalise your view and here are a few to get you started - The Observer's take with a week to go... Guardian's… [+]

New IMF funds for the Greek Bailout?

14 February 2017

Our question is: Will the IMF commit new funds to the Greek bailout before the end of March 2017? The deadline is Friday 17th February. Time to apply your mind! Here are the resources we suggest and there is plenty of news and commentary on this important hot… [+]

Will Hinkley Point C get Government Approval?

30 August 2016

Here is the full text of the latest Mettletest question: Will the UK Government give approval for the full Hinkley Point C nuclear power project, with 2 EPR nuclear reactor units, by 15th October 2016? Deadline to answer 7th September The government has promised… [+]

Tough call on the Rio Olympics Question

11 August 2016

Some candidates (and experts!) are feeling a little peeved at the outcome of the Rio Olympics question. Those who answered yes can be forgiven for being wrong on the narrow question - Will Russia have a track and field athletics team at the Rio 2016 Olympics? They… [+]

Philippines v. China – Mettletest question

8 July 2016

On 12th July an international tribunal in the Hague will rule on a series of submissions from the Philippines aimed at rolling back China's expansive claims to control 90% of the South China Sea inside the "nine dash line". This is an area of enormous tension,… [+]

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