Forget the CV, data decide careers – Tim Smedley in the FT

11 July 2014

An unsettling article on the use of personal data analysis to determine the fate of job candidates.   “Big data” and complex algorithms are increasingly taking decisions out of the hands of individual interviewers – a trend that has far-reaching consequences… [+]

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Back door to the City is shut fast

9 June 2014

Gary Parkinson gives a robust view of what it takes to get into The City in his Trade Secrets column for The Times. It is not clear whether current selection methods will produce a better breed of financial services stars than in the days when there were myriad… [+]

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Why are engineering firms struggling to recruit graduates?

1 May 2014

Stephen Harris writes in The Engineer on how many firms in rural locations struggle to attract talent. Are graduates aware of the opportunities in small and medium-sized firms? If engineering is the career for you, it is well worth reading his article. [+]

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Nicola Dandridge on student finance after the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ research is published

24 April 2014

Are we going to see a change in the student loan system in the near future?  The Student Funding Panel, launched today, must make sure that any reforms to the current system deliver value for money and sustainability, says Nicola Dandridge. You can find the full… [+]

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Thailand tries again….

21 March 2014

Thailand to stage fresh elections after court rules February poll invalid Judges declare general election unconstitutional after protesters disrupted voting, further deepening country's political crisis. See more news on the Thai elections in The Guardian.… [+]

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The unpaid intern debate…

21 February 2014

Susannah Butter in the Evening Standard highlights instances when companies have fallen foul of  minimum-wage legislation and takes the views of two former interns. The intern debate: does work experience provide a vital leg-up or is it just hard labour? [+]

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Melissa Benn in the Guardian on the lack of preparation for life offered by “test obsessed schools”.

12 February 2014

The education gender gap is bad for girls as well as boys - You can read Melissa Benn's article in the Guardian. It certainly provoked a lot of comment. ..."exam success is not so good at developing the equally important skills of experimentation, challenge and… [+]

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David Ellis – “the ONS report makes clear that young people with degrees are better off than their counterparts”.

27 November 2013

David Ellis in The Telegraph on the news that almost half of graduates take non-graduate jobs. Read his article 'Degrees do not guarantee jobs, people do'  here. David Ellis is the editor for [+]

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Simon Jenkins in The Guardian on giving students what they want for their money

23 October 2013

Universities should ditch the talk of investing in the future Instead of research academics need to focus on giving students what they want for their money: that is, a well-rounded education.You can see Simon Jenkins full article on the Guardian site. [+]

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85 applicants – or more – per graduate job

25 July 2013

The Independent reports on The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) annual summer survey.  Top employers are receiving around 85 applications for every graduate vacancy amid an expected drop in the number of jobs available, research suggests. [+]

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