BBC Capital Piece is great advice for job-seekers too…

9 June 2015

Whether you are an interviewee or already on a career path, it is important to maintain your confidence. We had this in mind when we conceived Mettletest because it provides so much of what is needed. Mettletest builds general knowledge, analysis and decision… [+]

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Emma Jacobs in the FT – Young, bright, paying to work overseas

8 May 2015

Read Emma Jacob's article on the lengths some graduates are going to in order to stand out in the UK jobs market. Graduates are paying to gain experience abroad. Doyinsola Sogbesan  was quoted in the FT article. While she believes “it’s unfair to have to… [+]

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New Scientist – AI interns: Software already taking jobs from humans

1 April 2015

If you want to know just why you need to build up your knowledge, critical thinking and decision making skills, read this article by Hal Hodson in New Scientist. "People have talked about robots taking our jobs for ages. Problem is, they already have – we just… [+]

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Graduates expect to apply for 20 jobs or more

24 March 2015

Graduates not confident of finding work From this article in Recruitment Grapevine - "New research from graduate jobs forum WikiJob suggests that today’s graduates expect to apply for twenty jobs – or more – before they secure a work placement." Because… [+]

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Graduate job market predicted to be buoyant – Matthew Field in THE

27 January 2015

This report on the latest figures from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) makes encouraging reading. You can see what Matthew Field has to say in his article in Times Higher Education.   "Graduate vacancies are predicted to rise by almost 12 per… [+]

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More on the jobs market – Charlie Ball in The Guardian

22 January 2015

What will happen to the graduate job market in 2015?    After the High Fliers' report, Charlie Ball looks at the uncertainties and possibilities in the graduate job market for 2015. "Due to the number of increased vacancies, I expect the graduate economy… [+]

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‘Degrees don’t guarantee jobs – and nor should they’ – Eleanor Doughty

16 January 2015

This piece in The Telegraph by Eleanor Doughty echoes our view that you need more than a degree to make yourself job-ready and we hope we're helping with that. She recommends developing soft skills. We would add that confidence, built on broader general knowledge… [+]

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UK graduate recruitment prospects at 10-year high, says High Fliers’ Report

12 January 2015

High Fliers' Research report on The Graduate Market in 2015 was published on Monday 12th January. It confirms that graduate vacancies at the leading employers increased by 7.9% in 2014 and are set to rise by a further 8.1% in 2015, taking graduate recruitment… [+]

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Fraser Nelson in the Telegraph on Cyber War

19 December 2014

Newt Gingrich tweeted "No one should kid themselves. With the Sony collapse America has lost its first cyberwar. This is a very very dangerous precedent."  A 'cyber war’ sounds fantastical, but it’s real – and we’re losing   The pulling of a film… [+]

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Jamie Bartlett’s DT article addresses our recent issue about social media

5 December 2014

Derek Wyatt raised the issue, Should social media companies have to pay us for the use of our data? Now an article from Jamie Bartlett in the Daily Telegraph gives one answer: "Facebook is not a public utility – and your data is a small price for a free service"… [+]

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