Dame Helen Alexander

7 August 2017

We are really sorry to hear of the death of Dame Helen Alexander. She was chief executive of the Economist and Director of the CBI and held directorships in many great businesses. She was widely recognised as a brilliant and effective leader. We were proud to… [+]

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Study from the IFS on Graduate Incomes brings flurry of different responses

15 April 2016

The IFS produced a new paper ‘How English-domiciled graduate earnings vary with gender, institution attended, subject and socio-economic background’. For us it reinforces our message and our mission to provide those important extra credentials using Mettletest… [+]

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Graduates are assessed with tests fit for robots

12 January 2016

The CHALLENGE FOR HR and RECRUITERS Are you involved in graduate recruitment? Are you confident that your assessment tests are finding the strategic visionaries you need? Or are they mainly testing for the skills that can be replicated by robots or computers… [+]

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Organisations pledge to recruit on a ‘name blind’ basis

29 October 2015

Well, Mettletest has been way ahead on this one. We set up our project with a "name blind" and university blind data set. Our intention was always to allow candidates to show their merit, whatever their background or academic institution. We are ideally placed… [+]

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Better Job Market for Graduates? New Analysis is upbeat.

21 October 2015

"What do graduates do? 2015"  has the key findings that 76.6% of graduates from 2014 were working after six months, up from 75.6%. 68.2%, were in professional level employment, up nearly two percentage points from 66.3% the year before. "The evidence suggests… [+]

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Universities pay lip service to equality – Tim Blackman in the Guardian

16 September 2015

"To break class barriers, students must end up in unexpected places" - says the Vice-chancellor of Middlesex University in this thought-provoking article. "Universities pay lip service to equality, yet the system functions as a huge social filter. Real fairness… [+]

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John Kay’s eloquent defence of a liberal education

26 August 2015

A liberal education is now more useful than job-specific skills John Kay's article makes important points to counter the many claims that vocational or job related training is more valuable than an academic approach to learning. "Today it is less important to… [+]

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New CIPD report shows too many UK graduates in non-graduate jobs

19 August 2015

The CIPD study contains the important, but not unexpected, information that well over half of graduates are in jobs deemed to be non-graduate roles. This percentage is high for Europe but the issue is a global phenomenon with the potential to become more… [+]

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Lucy Tobin in The Guardian on Vocational Degrees

4 August 2015

"Love or money? High tuition fees lead students to vocational degrees"   "Fear of debt and competition for jobs have led more university students to apply for courses such as business studies, rather than following their passion" You can read Lucy's article… [+]

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“Poshness Test” should be replaced by Mettletest

17 June 2015

The latest report from the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission reads to me like a comprehensive rationale for adopting Mettletest. So, in that context, here is a passionate and shameless promotion. Mettletest candidates create a portfolio of predictions… [+]

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