French election 2017

25 April 2017

Will Marine Le Pen win the 2017 French Presidential Election? Now the deadline for our April 22nd Mettletest question has passed you can see what our experts had to say: Derek Wyatt: No It would be a brave man or woman to predict the French elections given the… [+]

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Outcome on Hinkley Point C question

15 September 2016

Derek Wyatt got it right. Our question from August was: Will the UK Government give approval for the full Hinkley Point C nuclear power project, with 2 EPR nuclear reactor units, by 15th October 2016?  His answer was: Yes The Government for all the wrong reasons… [+]

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The verdict is out on Philippines v. China

12 July 2016

The Philippines has won an important international legal case over strategic reefs and atolls that China has been claiming in the South China Sea. The outcome is YES to our latest Mettletest question: Will the International Tribunal of the Permanent Court of… [+]

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Tata Steel Outcome

5 July 2016

The question in April: Will Tata Group achieve the sale of Tata Steel UK by June 15th 2016? Outcome NO Tata has delayed any decision on the sale until after the referendum on 23rd June. In March the company seemed desperate to divest itself of the UK steel operations… [+]

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News on the Russia to Rio question

22 June 2016

So far the IAAF is upholding the ban on Russian track athletes attending the Rio Olympics. The saga is not over yet but the reaction has been unusually robust to date. In Feb we asked - "Will Russia have a track and field athletics team at the Rio 2016 Olympics?"… [+]

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Mettletest Question for you – Will Tata Group achieve the sale of Tata Steel UK by June 15th 2016?

21 April 2016

It is rumoured that Tata  have set themselves a deadline of 28th May for the sale of their UK steel business. The FT expects this to be extended to mid June and the group itself has not declared a deadline officially. There are scrambled attempts to save thousands… [+]

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Russia to Rio? Expert answers……

1 March 2016

Will Russia have a track and field athletics team at the Rio 2016 Olympics? We now have answers out from our "star questioners" and we will have to sit tight until we see the final outcome. These were the views from Peter Bennett-Jones, Derek Wyatt and our own… [+]

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ECB Bond-Buying Plan Has Investors Questioning How It Works – Bloomberg

2 February 2015

Alessandro Speciale in Frankfurt and David Goodman in London highlight the unknowns in the ECB's plans for QE. (Bloomberg) -- "Mario Draghi’s trillion-euro puzzle is missing some key pieces." What will the asset mix be? How transparent will the purchasing be?… [+]

John Kay – Home ownership has distributed wealth but raised generational inequality

10 December 2014

You can read John Kay's latest FT column here. "The ability of young people today to benefit from future house price appreciation depends in large part on their parents’ capacity to pass on the benefits of past house price appreciation to them." [+]

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In Your View – Should social media companies have to pay us for the use of our data?

3 December 2014

Here's the issue from Derek Wyatt: "When email arrived companies like CompuServe and AOL in the mid 90s charged a fee; then along came FreeServe which offered a free email service because they recognized that that would make them the market leader; but what happened… [+]

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