Graduate-level Job Seekers – Get on the radar (open to all great minds with or without degrees)

Relish the challenge of our forecasting quiz and commercial awareness training.

With Mettletest you can:

  1.  Develop your strategic thinking and decision making skills
  2.  Broaden your general knowledge and gather interesting discussion topics
  3.  Improve your confidence 
  4.  Demonstrate you are committed, commercially aware and job-ready

Rise above the crowd and have fun doing it.

If you are applying for a UK graduate job, so are 69 others, on average.  In India it’s many multiples of that. How is it where you are?

So, sign up, get in the mood with a few facts quizzes & be ready for the next big prediction question. Take a view, YES or NO, with 200 words of justification (CRUCIAL!!) & your confidence level for that answer.

The portfolio you build over the coming weeks is yours to send to any recruiter. Make sure you badge your CV and on-line profiles with the Mettletest 

Ready to go? 

All for £10 £8 per month 

(See how you earn money back with referral fees. Prizes will be announced at intervals too!)

Any concerns?

working like a dog

  • Read “how it works” in this section and then have a look at some questions & the star questioners’ model answers to get the hang of it. You can see an example portfolio and watch for the latest questions on our blog
  • You can remain anonymous until you want to reveal your identity
  • Too time-consuming? – Mettletest should only take 2-3 hours a month