What is Mettletest

Mettletest is an on-line service for graduate-level career-seekers to distinguish themselves outside the academic field and to provide employers with a qualitative assessment method to improve selection decisions.

Mettletest requires commitment in time and money from its subscribers, creating a self-selecting pool of candidates prepared to put in the extra effort required.

There is a normally a year-long programme to complete, though not onerous, demonstrating some stamina and dedication. Subscribers are expected to present opinions on the outcome of current events over a range of topics, responding to a question every fortnight. This builds into the portfolio you see here. Subscribers should tackle every type of question, allowing evaluation of their approach to subjects outside their usual comfort zone.

Guidance on using this portfolio

This report contains a brief profile, the 200 word responses to all the questions answered and a collection of scores. It may be used initially as part of a short-listing process and then as a fund of rewarding interview topics.

We recommend that recruiters should use two or three of the written responses (including a recent one) to form a preliminary view of the candidate. If favourable, it should be worth looking at a few more to decide if the candidate will be chosen for interview. Interviewers have the entire lexicon of answers from which to choose those topics they think will be most revealing for their assessment.

Scores are of secondary value, as the ability to predict outcomes accurately must be partly through luck. However, they do provide grist to a recruiter by recording confidence levels (risk appetite), participation rates and relative performance.