The verdict is out on Philippines v. China

12 July 2016

The Philippines has won an important international legal case over strategic reefs and atolls that China has been claiming in the South China Sea. The outcome is YES to our latest Mettletest question: Will the International Tribunal of the Permanent Court of… [+]

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Philippines v. China – Mettletest question

8 July 2016

On 12th July an international tribunal in the Hague will rule on a series of submissions from the Philippines aimed at rolling back China's expansive claims to control 90% of the South China Sea inside the "nine dash line". This is an area of enormous tension,… [+]

Tata Steel Outcome

5 July 2016

The question in April: Will Tata Group achieve the sale of Tata Steel UK by June 15th 2016? Outcome NO Tata has delayed any decision on the sale until after the referendum on 23rd June. In March the company seemed desperate to divest itself of the UK steel operations… [+]

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