Use Mettletest to:

  1. Match the aspirations of the business with your recruitment scheme. Promote results over process.
  2. Access a diverse but select talent pool – find the hidden diamonds
  3. Evaluate commercial awareness and other key competencies
  4. Save time and expense
  5. Disseminate your career offerings effectively and engagingly
  6. Consider candidates fairly without bias or favour (name blind) 
  7. Select the best through insightful interaction


Graduate job seeker

Mettletest is a forecasting quiz where candidates predict the outcomes of complex real world events. See

Portfolio of predictions

Mettletest portfolio, graduate & student talent development


A candidate’s portfolio of short written answers provides:

  1. A fast filtering tool – short-list and rejections quickly sorted
  2. An insightful interview tool – restoring the power of interaction to detect the right mind set 

We help you find success in an age of Artificial Intelligence. Predictions and decisions define a leader. With Mettletest these can be improved and assessed.

Mettletest reveals commitment, risk appetite, strategic thinking, decision making and even ethical approach.

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What you receive with Mettletest:

  • The Portfolio– a link to each candidate’s portfolio, on line, containing:
    • Guidance on using the portfolio quickly and effectively
    • The candidate’s profile
    • A series of short (200 word) written answers justifying a yes or no prediction on a variety of major topics.
    • Confidence levels for each question, indicating risk appetite
    • Crib sheets with expert answers, comments on outcomes, interview suggestions
    • Participation levels, showing commitment
    • A score sheet and success rates
  • Jobs Board
  • A search engine & database to find candidates with relevant qualifications
  • A watch list to monitor the progress of  promising candidates
  • Access to the forum to pose your own questions and gain further understanding
  • Promotional opportunities and job advertising for your company

Mettletest is your solution to finding the strategists and communicators ready to thrive in the age of Artificial
Intelligence.Job seeking graduate

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate their true potential.

  • Improve quality of hire
  • Reduce cost and waste
  • Strengthen the pipeline
  • Broaden diversity
  • Increase retention

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