Date: 05 Feb 2013, Science, Technology and Culture
Question setter: Kate Taylor

Richard III Skeleton

Will the skeleton found beneath a Leicestershire car park turn out to be that of King Richard III?


Answer: Yes
Confidence level: 100%
Mean confidence level (all requests): 100.00%

The curved spine and war wounds make the likelihood of this being Richard III extremely high. DNA tests on known descendants of the king's sister will confirm this and the abbey burial place has bee well researched as his probable grave.

Outcome: Yes
Score: 100
Mean score (all respondents): 100.00

Expert opinion:

Outcome: Yes

Comment on outcome from Kate Taylor:
A skeleton found in a Leicester car park was confirmed by DNA tests to be the missing remains of Richard III. The confirmation came after DNA tests showed a direct match to two distant relations of Richard III, while studies of the skeleton found 10 battle-related injuries and also his reported curved spine.
Together with historical texts which said he had been laid to rest in the church and described the skeleton’s height and age at death, which matched, Leicester University said it was beyond any reasonable doubt that the skeleton was that of the last Plantagenet king.